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National Relief and Development Corps

Disaster risk reduction

The impact of future disasters is likely to be even more devastating. Disasters are expected to become more frequent in the future and to take a greater toll due to climate change, a growing world population, and more people settling in hazard-prone areas. With each disaster, development gains may be lost as infrastructure is destroyed, poverty increases, and economic opportunities and livelihoods are interrupted or lost.

Disaster risk reduction is a broad term that includes anything we do to prevent or reduce the damage caused by natural hazards like earthquakes, floods, droughts, and storms. Investments in disaster risk reduction save lives, not just after the disaster occurs, but even as disaster strikes. 

Recent Stories


held a meeting with stakeholders to respond to the call from the community members on the crossing of Dyeke rehabilitation in Detwok county, Aburoc Payam. After the meeting, stakeholders have agreed to collectively participate in the rehabilitation of the crossing Dyeke since it is a community priority at this critical time…