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National Relief and Development Corps

Peace and security

A peaceful and coherent communities. This is envisaging through NRDC promoting people to people peaceful co-existence through raising awareness, promoting peaceful co-existence and mitigating the causes of conflict in Communities through equitable resource distribution of resource to the vulnerable communities.

This will be achieved through the following strategy initiatives

Awareness creation through conducting radio talk shows on peace and conflict resolution, advocacy and lobbying community mobilization for genuine peace activities in their communities.

establishing peace committees and linking them at the Payam level with the peace forum and human rights commission at the state level.

Create, prepare, and disseminate materials and guides for peace and conflict resolution.

Train women and mentor women as peer trainers on the roles of women in peace building, conflict prevention and resolution.

Train both men and women in SGBV.

Train men and women in conflict sensitivity, leadership negotiation, and mediation.