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National Relief and Development Corps

Peace Building

This involves deployment of peer educators to engage and create awareness to the youth in camps and remote areas of South Sudan about negative effects of cattle rustling, abduction of girls/ women/ boys and other communal fight. Conflict arising between cattle herders and crop farmers, since this is one of the potential causes of conflict between communities in most of the states in South Sudan, HAVE shall initiate dialogue spirit among the herders and farmers.

Through people-to-people approach HAVE is supporting the peace process in the whole of South Sudan and beyond, strengthening communities, enabling them to analyze complex conflict situations, identify mutual benefits of peace to priorities and work towards accommodation of each other, while promoting the spirit of “I am my brother’s keeper”.


  • Community Leaders (chiefs) engagement in the peace process. The ethnic communities such as Toposa, Dinka,Nuer, Didinga, Buya, among others whose power and authority and decision making lie in the hands of chiefs and opinion elders. Need to use the community leaders in order to end conflict
  • Youth Involvement in the peace process. The ethnic communities such as Murle (Bulok),Nuer, Dinka, Latuko, pari,Lopit,among others whose power, authority and decision making lie in the hands of the youth for example in Latukoi (Monyomiji)
  • Church leaders involvement and engagement in peace building
  • Rule of law and Justice
  • Entrepreneurship for peace
  • Civic Education and dissemination of existing laws
  • Coordinate and network with other peace stakeholders such as political leaders,
  • Establish Youth recreational centre for sport activities, learning among other activities
  • Construction of local dams and drilling of boreholes
  • Supply of vet drugs for peace
  • Non Violent Communication for peace, reconciliation and social cohesion
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