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National Relief and Development Corps

Success Story of Owor Mayen Magak

Owore Mayen Magak a 36years old Returnees, a fishmen living in Aburoc he is the head of his household marriage with 5 children and also taking care of some extended family children staying with him, before the war broke out in 2016 he was fishing in Malakal and Wau Shilluk that was his source of income and his business was doing very well by then he was able to meet all the needs of his household though the way of preservation of fish was not good and hygienic and the NRDC with community leaders have seen his mission to his work, he was selected for fisher Folk training to improve his way of preservation during his Interview “I am happy for having been selected as a Fisher Folk beneficiary and above all the trainings I received especially on improved Fish Handling and Hygiene including the nets, I am sure that my quality for fish and the Size of Catch will increase”, explaining Owor Mayen Magak one of the beneficiaries during follow up by Moro Moses Mawa on the progress of the beneficiaries.

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