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National Relief and Development Corps


Areas of focus

  • Mobilize and sensitize youths and communities to participate in mitigating the devastating impacts of HIV/AIDS among youths and reduce stigma and discrimination.
  • Create awareness about the role of mothers and fathers in HIV/AIDS prevention, protection, and empowerment among youth and children.
  • Develop, publish, and distribute Informative, Educative, and Communication (I.E.C) and Behaviour Change and Communication (BCC) Materials to four countries (posters, T-shirts, songs, etc) in their mother tongue-Ngatoposa for HIV/AIDS awareness and sensitization.
  • Raising awareness and promoting positive attitudes to accept, assist, and care for people living with HIV/AIDS at home and in the community.
  • Collaborate with community groups and leaders to lead community initiatives on HIV/AIDS awareness and health education through sports, drama, radio talk shows, and play programming.
  • Distribute condoms among the most at-risk groups.
  • Hold community meetings, form drama, music, dance, and sports teams, and retain them.
  • Conduct a sensitization workshop for local leaders, youths, women’s groups, and teachers on HIV prevention.
  • Conduct outreach activities to distribute IEC materials and condoms, and organize dramas and songs to create HIV/AIDS awareness.
  • Organize HIV prevention radio talk shows and BCC messages.
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